Maggie Avenue Agency

Our Mission

We seek to elevate and distinguish our clients businesses in the eyes of potential clients & customers when completing objectives. 

This requires a holistic understanding of your business and a strategic approach to what will make an impact, so it’s important to us that our clients truly have the time to collaborate with us in order to get the best results in our shared objectives. 

Helping you reach new heights in your business is what we’re passionate about & we can’t wait to work with you!

About Us

Friends, freelancers, and business partners, Maggie and Jaklyn have had success since 2021 in tackling client objectives together. What makes them a great team is their ability to dream big and attack problems from different directions when it comes to client solutions.

Co-Founder Maggie Partin

A creative and socialite at heart, Maggie thrives in seeing her abstract + artistic ideas come to life in ways that push the needle for clients. 


Co-Founder Jaklyn Soler

Combining technology and analytics, Jaklyn tackles the back end marketing solutions for clients including web design and data configuration.